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You can custom design your own adventure by telling us where, when, why and how far you want to go or leave everything up to us and be in for the surprise of your life. From a special Sunday staff picnic to a full-on four week action-packed adventure holiday, we can cater to your needs. Check out our Travel Options or Example Tours here.

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Aotearoa... New Zealand

The "Land of the Long White Cloud", as it was named by the Maori people, is also the land of opportunity and adventure. From beautiful, rugged coastlines to tranquil lakes, from breathtaking mountain ranges to geothermal zones that look like alien landscapes, there is something for everyone to enjoy. And whether it's a leisurely cruise through the country or an adrenalin-pumping action-packed ride that you're after, Aotearoa has got it covered - and we've got Aotearoa covered, too....

No matter what your destination, Anywhere Aotearoa can take you there. And we'll transport you in comfort and style. Actually, we'll transport you in "Bozwell", a 1958 Leyland Tiger Cub Coach that's quite unlike anything you've seen before. No danger of jet lag or motion sickness with us - the only thing you'll be at risk of having is too much fun. And perhaps the desire to never go home.

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When Laurie Jones first found "Bozwell" the bus was a shell of its former self. Literally. The 1958 Leyland Tiger Cub Coach was completely gutted. About the only thing it did have in it was a hole in the roof which served as a chimney for a pot belly that once lived there.

With the help of a Tauranga boat builder, Laurie brought the bus back to life and did much more than just restore it to its former glory. By the time the refit was finished, Bozwell boasted an interior beyond even its creator's wildest expectations.

The bus started its working life with Anywhere Aotearoa in 1984 doing ski tours and since then has travelled with Laurie from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the south. Together they've taken people on some great trips - all of them different but every one of them an adventure. Your's could be next

Standard Coach Accessories

  • 16 cushioned luxury seats
  • 8 fold out comfortable bunks
  • Centre mounted Hi-Fi system
  • Restroom with flush toilet, hand basin and mirror
  • Shower (with your choice of hot or cold water or even a mixture of the two)
  • Large wardrobe and bulk luggage storage
  • Servery and galley
  • Gas range and two fridges
  • Efficient heating system throughout
  • Covered ski luggage racks
  • Heated ski boot/shoe locker
PLUS, for absolutely no extra we can also throw in:
  • Stimulating conversation with the driver
  • A friendly dog on your lap
  • The use of the driver's personal tape collection along the way
  • The promise not to use the driver's personal tape collection along the way
Pictured below: Interior shots of "Bozwell", both with and without happy travellers, complete with a sumptuous spread.
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